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Silver Apples

silver apples

Label: Phoenix Records

Format: CD digipack LTD

Genre: Electronic

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This is a reissue - in 1000 copies only - of the self-titled first album by '60s electronic legends Silver Apples, originally released by Kapp Records in 1968. Fresh off their stint as The Overland Stage Electric Band, Simeon and Dan Taylor formed their own extravagant, two-man electronic space-odyssey, Silver Apples, to pretty remarkable critical acclaim.

Their debut enjoyed a 10-week stay in Billboard's Top 100 list, and the album's first track, "Oscillations," made the Top 10 list in numerous cities around the U.S. The music critics loved them. "What's so amazing is that they make absolutely mind-shattering music with all this junky equipment" commented one reviewer, quite possibly astounded over the then-mindbending concept of build-it-yourself electronics combined with rock drums. The debut album features lyrics by poet Stanley Warren who met the duo at the Third Annual Avant Garde Arts Festival in 1968, organized by topless cellist Charlotte Moorman. An absolutely essential piece of musical history from electronic/psychedelic/rock music's ground-breaking legends.
Cat. number: ASH 3003CD
Year: 2008

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