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Les Rallizes Denudes

Cable Hogue

Label: Phoenix Records

Format: CDx2

Genre: Music from Japan

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Another crucial release from the highly influential and reclusive Japanese psychedelic noise band Les Rallizes Dénudés. Originally formed in 1967, the band was known for its ties to avant-garde theater groups (as typified by Shuji Terayama's troupe) and leftist political groups, and their feedback-drenched live shows and use of strobe lights and mirror balls onstage earned them comparisons with The Velvet Underground. In 1970, bass player Moriaki Wakabayashi was involved in the hijacking of Japan Airlines Flight 351, orchestrated by the Japanese Red Army. Singer Takashi Mizutani was allegedly offered a role in the hijacking, but he turned it down. Cable Hogue is a CD release compiled by Mizutani from the original tapes he used for the Rallizes video which was released in 1992. Digitally remastered. Housed in a numbered, limited edition 2CD card wallet.
Cat. number: ASH 3045CD
Year: 2011
Limited edition of 1000.
Reissue and digital remastering of previous Univive re

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