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File under: Japan

Les Rallizes Denudes

Live 77 (2Lp)

Label: Victory

Format: 2 x LP

Genre: Noise

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Repressed. Les Rallizes Dénudés are one of the earliest and most revolutionary Japanese psychedelic rock bands, and existed off and on through four decades. The band formed in November of 1967 at Kyoto University, inspired by Exploding Plastic Inevitable-era Velvet Underground as well as the over-amplified rock of Blue Cheer and Mario Schifano's avant-garde ensemble Le Stelle. By 1968 they were gigging live and even began a regular collaboration with an avant-garde theater troupe, which ended the next year because of Les Rallizes' penchant for extreme volume. Not only did they use massive amounts of feedback at loud volumes, their stage shows used strobe lights, mirror balls, and other effects for a live experience that was a total sensory assault. This historic performance recorded in Tachikawa in 1977 is perhaps the most beloved document of the band's sound: extreme feedback and distressed guitar with detached vocals laid over languid rhythms -- unbelievable in intensity.

Cat. number: V6E 400LP
Year: 2016

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