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Steve Reich, Synergy Vocals, Ensemble Modern

Music For 18 Musicians: Tokyo Opera City, Tokyo, Japan, May 21st

Label: Victory

Format: LP

Genre: Compositional

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A stunning version of Steve Reich's masterpiece of musical minimalism Music For 18 Musicians (1974-1976), performed live at Tokyo Opera House in 2008 by Ensemble Modern and Synergy Vocals, featuring the composer as guest performer. LP housed in a deluxe die cut jacket with printed insert. In the 1960s, with Terry Riley and Philip Glass, Reich gave pulse back to experimental music. He discovered the tape-based techniques of looping and phasing, using recordings of fragments of speech, and then molecules of musical material.

" (...) When Steve Reich released Music For 18 Musicians (ECM, 1978), it was a consolidation and major leap forward in the pulse-based music that the minimalist progenitor had been exploring on earlier compositions including 'Four Organs' (1969), a piece that relied on nothing more than a six-note chord, yet was a near flat-out sonic assault. 18 Musicians was an altogether more complex and sophisticated work, with a broader textural palette based largely on tuned percussion -- piano, vibraphone, marimba and xylophone -- but also working with maracas, voice, strings, and clarinets to create a sweeping, hour-plus long suite that was hypnotic, melodic, and eminently accessible. With the mathematical precision by which its eleven sections and wrapping 'Pulses' develop, it's a demanding suite to play (...)" --John Kelman, All About Jazz, 2008

Cat. number: V 14510LP
Year: 2017

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