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Col fiato in gola - excerpt 1

Filippo Trecca

Col fiato in gola (12")

Label: Sonor Music Editions

Format: 12"

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

**500 copies** The legendary Hip Hop / Dusty Fingers heavy tune Col fiato in gola by maestro Filippo Trecca, originally released in 1978 for the Giallo TV mini series Diario di un giudice from a book by Dante Troisi. Sampled by tons of artists, this track represents a true holy grail for Italian TV-soundtracks music lovers and DJs with a totally mental downtempo Hip Hop beat played in a heavy Funk key with just everything you could dream about: sleazy and punishing drum patterns / huge and ceaseless string cuts / heavy Giallo orchestration / meandering flutes / groovy and totally killer mood. Essential stuff!

Cat. number: Sonor14
Year: 2019