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satoshi & makoto

CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences (Lp)
€ 17.90
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satoshi & makoto - CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences (Lp)
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satoshi & makoto

CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences (Lp)

€ 17.90

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. ST 006 | YEAR. (2019)

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"Tireless working to bring audio enjoyment to all corners of the world, globe trotting DJ hero, production genius and digger extraordinaire Young Marco is a bit of a gee. Especially when you consider he still finds time to curate the sublime stream of otherworldly, synthetic brilliance found on his Safe Trip imprint. Substituting cigarettes for sleep, the Dutchman travelled day and night to arrive at a secluded building in Kawasaki, Japan, where he found identical twins Satoshi and Makoto bent over a Casio CZ-5000. The apartment was filled with a warm, wavey sound, largely ambient in nature, positive in tone and possibly extra-terrestrial in origin. The duo informed Marco that they had created every melody, drumbeat and musical phrase using this one piece of Japanese-made musical hardware. Mostly dating to the 90s, the 11 tracks collected on this LP came to being under the influence of early Japanese techno, The ORB, YMO, Kraftwerk and 'lots of soul'. Immersive, inspirational and otherworldly, the LP shifts between the naive and rhythmic (Untitled), exotic and atmospheric (Bamboo Grove) and interdimensional (Time Lapse). If you dug on the future primitive synth-wave of Marco's early releases, or the nuovo New Age of A.R.T. Wilson, this record is for you!"

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