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Departum - excerpt 1
Departum - excerpt 2
Departum - excerpt 3
Departum - excerpt 4

Lisa Gerrard, Marcello De Francisci

Departum (LP)

Label: Infinite Fog Productions

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

**In process of stocking** Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner singer and composer Lisa Gerrard, of Dead Can Dance fame, and film composer Marcello De Francisci have joined forces to bring you their first collaborative album work titled Departum. This album is a collection of pieces, which are filled with lyrical soundscapes, orchestrated with vocal chants, cimbalom, guitars, percussion, modern instruments and orchestra. An effort that took two years in the making moreover a journey inspired by ancient world cultures in Mesopotamia, Europe and Asia.
After the groundbreaking album The Trail of Genghis Khan created in collaboration with an Australian artist Cye Wood, Lisa Gerrard returns to Infinite fog with the long-awaited complete, extended edition of Departum.
Highest quality sound, ambient drifts, soft tribal rhythms, touching melodies of Cymbalom and 144-Strings Yang Chin playing by Lisa Gerrard and transcendental vocals. All this gives even more in sum and makes Departum pure pleasure listening.
Cat. number: IF-84LP
Year: 2018

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