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Piero Piccioni

Dopo di che..Uccide il Maschio e lo Divora (7")

Label: Four Flies

Format: 7"

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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For the first time in a single 7’’ the gorgeous soul ballads that Piero Piccioni composed for the title credits of two Italian-Spanish thrillers, both magnificently sung by Shawn Robinson’s divine voice. Two pop-downtempo gems shining with the power of their melodies and the quality of their proto- hip hop arrangements that immediately carry us into the dreamlike, mellow atmosphere of the early 1970’s European thriller cinema. This music is characterised by timeless, unbounded elegance, poised between romanticism and worldliness, and the style that only some productions of Piero Piccioni used to feature.
Special Ultra-limited Edition with three different covers, each in their colour variant, with the breath-taking image of iconic star Marisa Mell standing out: 133 copies with reddish-purple label and sleeve + 133 blue label and sleeve + 133 violet label and sleeve.
Cat. number: FLIES 45-07
Year: 2018

Edition of 400 copies

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