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Henri Pousseur

electronic experimental and microtonal 1953-1999

Label: Sub Rosa

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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This is the 5th part of the complete experimental and electronic music by the composer - after Liège à Paris (1977), Eight parabolic studies (1972), Four parabolic mixes (1972-2001, Mixed music (1966-70) and before Narrative voices and electronic (1960-1982), Paraboles-Mix avec Leçons d'Enfer (1972-1999) and Experimental Electronic and Noise (1954-61). Here, 5 rare pieces that come from 5 decades and performed by Rohan de Saram (Quatuor Arditti), Evert van Tright (who played mainly Stockhausen), Brigitte Foccroulle, Danielle Dubosch, Isabelle Schmit (three great belgian pianists), Sumila Goto, Mikoto Jakahata, Shuzan Morita (from the japanse Yonin No Kai Trio) and last but not least and for the only time: Henri Pousseur himself.
Cat. number: SR289
Year: 2008

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