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Best of 2020
Embryo's Rache - excerpt 1
Embryo's Rache - excerpt 2
Embryo's Rache - excerpt 3
Embryo's Rache - excerpt 4
Best of 2020


Embryo's Rache (LP)

Label: Loneos Editions

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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**Black vinyl, 180 grams, remastered** The second album by Christian Burchard and alumni was released in 1971 on the prestigious United Artists imprint, only a year after their debut. A significantly progression and the first venture in the realm of the ethnic/world-rock fusion that would come to be their trademark. The gang from Munich flew over a series of packed jam showing their authentic passion for the middle east . Combining a series of progressive numbers, still miles away from their british counterpart, the band opened up for a series of transcendental and wicked numbers, pushing the boundaries of the seventies counterculture. While it was some eastern-blues rapture or a post-Coltrane collage in the vein of the classy melody of A Love Supreme, the band built his foundation while facing an ancient future. That was the beginning of a whole era where freedom was the keyword

Cat. number: LONLPB006
Year: 2020

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