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David Granström

Empty Room (LP)

Label: Hallow Ground

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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On "Empty Room" David Granström works with slow transformations, cyclical and isometric patterns as well as just intonation as a way to create harmonic stability, allowing his long-form pieces to develop their own unique temporal and spatial qualities. A prolific figure in stockholm's experimental drone scene and a collaborator of Hallow Ground Label Mates Maria W Horn and Mats Erlandsson, the swedish composer navigates through moments of quietude and crushing volume on these five tracks. Sonically and atmospherically, the pieces on "Empty Room" simultaneously call to mind Fennesz's most meditative work or the physical experience of seeing Sunn O))) live, blending guitar recordings and synthesised sounds with forceful effects similar to those of Mario Díaz De Leon's Oneirogen Project while still being as moving and delicate as Alessandro Cortini's solo work. the album is marked by melodies and harmonies that are the product of a peculiar working process that turned the composer into an intent listener collaborating with, rather than simply using technology.

Cat. number: HG2102
Year: 2021

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