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Yannis Kyriakides

Face (LP)

Label: Unsounds

Format: LP+Booklet

Genre: Compositional

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* Beautiful gatefold vinyl designed by the studio Experimental Jetset, Amsterdam with 12 page booklet featuring the photographic work of Johannes Schwartz and text of Maria Barnas used in the multimedia production of the work. * Face is a multimedia composition for voice, violin, piano, recorders, live electronics and video, based around the use of facial and emotion recognition software. Performers: Electra, Diamanda Dramm (violin), Susanna Borsch (recorder), Michaela Riener (soprano), Saskia Lankhoorn (piano), Yannis Kyriakides (electronics). Composer: Yannis Kyriakides. In collaboration with Johannes Schwartz and Maria Barnas.

Cat. number: 66UR
Year: 2021