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Fall of Saigon - excerpt 1
Fall of Saigon - excerpt 2
Fall of Saigon - excerpt 3
Fall of Saigon - excerpt 4

Fall of Saigon

Fall of Saigon

Label: Gazul Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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An ephemeral trio formed at the very beginning of the '80s, Fall of Saigon take a special place within French rock. A voice (Florence Berthon), an organ (Pascal Comelade) and a guitar (Thierry Den), supported by a foregrounded drumbox, suffice to maintain a minimalist and essential construction, full of class and inventiveness. More conventionally rocky than musics recorded by Comelade in those years, although subtly peculiar, the compositions show influences marked by the New York seal. Thus the musicians are not constrained to the usual clumsiness of those who never managed to go beyond the mere imitation (...or their limitation...).

During their only two years of existence - 1981 and 1982 - Fall of Saigon only released one 12" EP that has become both quite rare and expensive. The reissue of these recordings represents the eleventh volume of the Zut-O-Pistes series, and it's enhanced with seven unreleased bonus tracks, including three live recordings, plus two prior and post-Fall of Saigon era titles.
This is certainly enough to take advantage of the subtle charm of this trio!


Cat. number: GA8851
Year: 2019

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