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Novaks Kapelle

Fartwind - Complete Discography (1967-1979)2Cd

Label: Trost

Format: 2 x CD

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Novaks Kapelle were one of the most legendary bands of the Austrian underground, famous and feared for their wild live performances and strict anti-establishment/music-business/audience/everything attitude. They went from raw psychedelic rock in the late '60s to proto-punk to some kind of weird glam/hard rock at the end. 1978 saw later jazz-star guitarist and Gipsy Love member Harri Stojka joining. Beside some bootlegs available on the internet, many labels tried over the years to release an official complete compilation of their works. After Trost sublabel Cien Fuegos reissued their only full album Naked on vinyl in 2013 (CFX 007LP), Trost finally got an agreement to release this double CD. All Novaks Kapelle related material from Hypodermic Needle 7" (1968), Not Enough Poison/Smile Please 7" (1969), Novakskapellelive (1977), Naked (1978), Brennmaterial Für Die 80er (1979), the compilation WienmusikK (1981), and an unreleased bonus track. Personnel: Walla Mauritz - vocals, saxophone, harmonica (1967-1979); Peter Travnicek - bass (1967-1979); Erwin Novak - drums (1967-1979); Harri Stojka - guitar (1978-1979); Paul Braunsteiner - guitar (1970-1979); Helge Thor - guitar (1967-1970). Comes with extensive 24-page booklet, including many band photos and newspaper-clippings from the '60s and '70s. Liner notes by Al Bird Sputnik (Trash Rock Archives). Remastering by Martin Siewert.

Cat. number: TROST 169 CD
Year: 2018