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Rino De Filippi

Favole Per Ogni Eta

Label: Cabiria

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Cd Edition now in stock. Oronzo De Filippi (aka Rino De Filippi, Awake, Rigesti), component of Braen’s Machine, is one of the most enigmatic figures of the library music scene. Although it is reductive and simplistic to frame him in an exclusive genre within an already varied landscape. The master’s versatility, moves through the mesh of psychedelia, avant-garde, jingle, lullabies and more orthodox library music. Making use of disparate instruments in a symbiosis between popular culture that leaves you enchanted.
Listen the crescendo of Tema Titoli or delicate Refrain Triste and its Spanish-guitar and piano or the suspense of Bosco Incantato; the psychedelic and imaginative Magia or the masterpiece Castello Incantato, with its powerfull electric bass, lysergic guitar, echoes, reverb and tenuous and sporadic rhythmic inserts of military marching drums (!).
Among the best songs are, with no doubt, Melodia Drammatica, an attacking piece, characterized by a fast and enveloping psych groove; Bambola Triste, that recalls the soundtrack of a spaghetti western film, and, finally, Mercato Arabo, an hypnotic and refined tribal jewel, in which, vocalized voice and organ alternate themselves to draw oriental sound architectures.

Cat. number: OTP0282CD
Year: 2017

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