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My Cat Is An Alien


Label: Elliptical Noise

Format: 6x cd box

Genre: Electronic

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My Cat Is An Alien's most extreme work to date. The most advanced expression of their current creative method of composition  through  the brothers' brand new self-made strings and electronic  instrumentation. A black swamp full of analog processing and whirling drones with Maurizio Opalio playing self-made double-bodied string instrument, handmade pocket harp, antique zither, drums, percussion, sticks, cymbals, bells, gong, space modulator, real-time loops. While his brother Roberto Opalio is on wordless vocalizations, toy microphone, modified electronic devices, alientronics, mini-keyboard, prepared toy piano, cymbals, ball chains, percussion, bodhran, real-time loops

Cat. number: Α 6571-76CD
Year: 2013

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