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My Cat Is An Alien (Roberto & Maurizio Opalio) together with Joëlle Vinciarelli (Talweg and La Morte Young).

"All began in Spring 2015, when outsider instantaneous composers MCIAA traced a new magic triangle on a map between their hometown Torino, their current “Alien Zone” secret base in Western Alps, and the mysterious area over Nice’s hills known as Le Village Nègre. Not far from there, in the small and private recording studio of French underground queen Joëlle Vinciarelli, MCIAA recorded and produced a long session of instantaneous compositions where the duo’s otherwordly sounds and Roberto’s eerie wordless vocals melted with Vinciarelli’s unique, underwordly voice. An antique upright piano soundboard, self-made wooden string instruments, modified electronic devices, an old pendulum clock mechanism, bells and an old trumpet were played during the 4-day recording session. The result, purposely bypassing the present, builds a bridge between the archaic and the future, leading the way to what can only be defined as a groundbreaking Eternal beyond." (Brainwashed)




Maurizio Opalio, self-made string instrument, pedal effects, antique upright piano soundboard, cymbals… Roberto Opalio, wordless vocalizations, alientronics, pedal effects, electronic devices, antique upright piano soundboard, percussion and cymbal… Joëlle Vinciarelli, vocals, old brass. Recorded and engineered by MCIAA at Joëlle Vinciarelli's private studio in Saint-Jeannet, France; April 30 - May 3, 2015. Coproduction with Arsenic Solaris and Opax Editions. Grey marbled vinyl.

Cat. number: UATWM007
Year: 2017

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Vinyl LP | €14.99