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||| ||| - Feireenesse

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€ 16.50

LABEL: Entr'acte
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. E201 | YEAR. (2019)

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One of the strongest and most mysterious Entr'acte's in a while features baroque electronic fractals with nods to classic Coil and the cascading weirdness of Anthony Manning, brought to you by someone/s operating under a veil of anonymity as "Six Swords" for London’s Entr’acte, who’re forever keeping listeners on their toes... About as cryptic as they come, Feireenesse is a beguiling suite of eight exquisitely elaborate Atalanta Fugiens - diligently mercurial compositions of evolving melodic and harmonic intricacy laced with mechanical birdcalls and salty, chromatic ‘tronics that sound something like Bach chamber works re-scored by Theo Burt and Coil. We shouldn’t really give any more away on this; the samples really do speak for themselves - suffice to say that this one's a little bit special...


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