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Philipp Bückle, Martijn Pieck

Field Reports

Label: Moving Furniture Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Tip! * 200 copies * Martijn Pieck and Philipp Bückle's Field Reports is a collage of found sounds, field recordings and heavily treated modular synths. It’s basically a musical rendering of a fictitious urban world that just lingers on the other side of your door. It is a curious soundwalk through an environment that doesn’t exist.
You will come across landmarks, briefly meet people, hear the sounds of machines and glide through empty hallways mirroring the muffled sound of the outside world.

Field Reports never declines into a reality that is purely dark. It might be uninviting, broken or decayed yet there are always sparks of light and hope.
It is almost impossible to hear the album on the outside, wearing headphones, without real life sounds spilling into the music. But that is a fact the both artists were very aware of. It is a fluid and open-minded journey between fact and fiction. The reality is flexible in here.

Cat. number: MFR093
Year: 2021

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