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Flavor - excerpt 1
Flavor - excerpt 2
Flavor - excerpt 3
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Mike Selesia

Flavor (LP)

Label: Mad About Records

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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**500 copies** This is a cool jazz album all the way around. From the black and white hand drawing to the fact that it came out of Fresno, California (not exactly a hotbed for jazz) to the handful of styles present (straight ahead, funky, free, and even a raga), this record’s got it going on.
High quality musicianship and some far out stoner tracks make this album stand head and shoulders above most of its private peers. Original very limited issue (rumour has it that only 300 copies were released). This album was a very limited press that was handed out at their shows and sold to local record stores.
Only together for nine months, Mike Selesia (who plays Sax and Flute) and the band recorded this album in one day, presenting a fascinating hybrid of early '60s Coltrane, and early '70s Miles Davis.


"This album is a product of musical workshops twice a week for an extended period of time. Experimentation through concentration and the proper flow of energy has helped capture the improvisational themes on the album. Virtuous musical tones, ideas, and rhythms are available to the listeners and performers of modern-day music. these compositions are but a few of my musical ideas. I hope this album pleases the listener as it has enlightened and captured me. Many thanks for my musicians and their efforts in creativity. Happy listening." - Mike Selesia

Cat. number: MAR017
Year: 2019