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Christian Schwindt Quintet

For Friends And Relatives: The Complete Scandia and Discophon Re

Label: Frederiksberg Records

Format: LPx2

Genre: Jazz

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Landmark work from the Finnish scene of the 60s – one of those ultra-rare European jazz records that collectors have dug for decades! The set's got a stark, modern sort of feel – but also a nice soulful swing, too – a balance that few of the other Scandinavians hit so well at the time – as they were either hanging between farther-out progressions, or more inside, tightly arranged jazz! Drummer Christian Schwindt's vision here is exceptional – full of rich feeling, deep tone, and careful construction of the tunes – with a sensibility that almost reminds us of Ted Curson and Bill Barron working together – in ways that we'd state from the comments above. (And we've also been told that he's had some great help on conceiving the record from trumpeter Otto Donner – whose playing here is great too!) The whole thing has a quality that you'd find in a rare few albums – maybe some of the best French new wave soundtracks, an early solo Booker Ervin record, or a few other treasures in your collection..  Remastered from the master-tapes; superior 140g vinyl in heavy-duty gatefold sleeves, including great unpublished photos, and an insert telling the story of the group and the Finnish jazz scene of the 1960s.
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Cat. number: FRB 001
Year: 2015

Remastered from the original tapes + extra photos