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Sacré! - excerpt

Anne Gillis, Jac Berrocal

Fuel 217 / Sacre' (7" EP)

Label: Presence Capitale D'Avantage

Format: 7" EP (picture)

Genre: Experimental

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Private Edition of 230 copies. Historical 'lost' 1982 recordings issued on a 7" picture disc, blending the wonderful voice of Jacques Doyen, the music by Jac Berrocal and a background collage of distant, heavily-treated and distorted sounds from Anne Gillis (whose voice is also filtered through a De Dion Bouton oil can) "Yet another Jac Berrocal picture disc! Is there another member of the French underground more dedicated to this format than Berrocal? I say no! And this one’s as good as all the others. On one side, his trumpet is paired with the glorious yowling and burbling clutter of Anne Gillis’s inventions. On the flip, it joins with a French voice actor with whom Berrocal has often worked to perform a section of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl. Brilliantly off-centre work from a master of the form." Byron Coley, The Wire
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Year: 2018