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Future Days

Label: Spoon Records

Format: CD

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An uneasy truce had been thrashed out by the warring factions of Can by the time they came to record 'Future Days' in 1972, yet it is the underlying musical tension that makes this album such a thrilling part of their cannon... With Damo Suzuki's ethereal vocals continuously juxtaposed by Michael Karoli's fraught guitars and Holger Czulkay's invasive bass, the remastered versions of 'Spray' and 'Bel Air' are numbly visceral in that trademark Can way, convincing you that the full spectrum of contemporary music could be traced back to these origins. Whether that's true or not is for well-paid music journalists to debate, but for the rest of us it provides yet further proof as to why Can are one band worth all the mind-numbing eulogising.

Cat. number: CDSPOON 9
Year: 2007
Genre: Psych
File under: Kraut

Remastered at Sonopress (Germany).  - Recorded 1973 at Inner Space Studio (Germany).