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Future, Past & Present - Excerpt 1
Future, Past & Present - Excerpt 2
Future, Past & Present - Excerpt 3
Future, Past & Present - Excerpt 4

Badge Époque Ensemble

Future, Past & Present (LP)

Label: Telephone Explosion

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Barely a season passed in 2019 between the release of Badge Époque Ensemble’s self titled debut album, and its follow up, the disco-sleeved 12” Nature, Man & Woman. Now, 3 months on from the release of the group’s acclaimed sophomore album Self Help, we find them repeating the trick with a surprise fourth title on Telephone Explosion Records, the fittingly titled Future, Past & Present. A compilation of sorts, the album collects instrumental, alternate mix versions of all BÉE songs which originally featured guest vocalists and one exclusive track, "Future, Past & Present". In practice this results in a pseudo-greatest-hits survey of the Ensemble’s catalogue to-date, touching on highlights from all three releases while emphasizing the group’s strength as versatile mood-conjurors. Where these songs once featured vocal heavyweights like Meg Remy, Jennifer Castle, James Baley and Dorothea Paas, they are now strung together instrumentally in a sequence which represents the purest distillation of BÉE’s collective musical chemistry to date. 

Cat. number: TER074
Year: 2021

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