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Label: MIE Music

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Epic guitar drones and roiling, focussed post-rock minimalism for fans of Stephen O'Malley, Oren Ambarchi. Hand-numbered edition limited to 300 in hand-screened jacket with download coupon redeemable from the label. About Gmaj7: This G rooted nondominant seventh chord presents itself as a major/major seventh consiting of root (G), major third (B), perfect fifth (D), and major seventh (F#). The appearance of movement is created here by emphasising different diads present in various voicings of the chord, yet the chord itself is always used harmonically rather than melodically.

Chord are a drone collective, from Chicago, who explore the minutiae of single chord compositions. Gmaj7 sees them release two radically different interpretations of the chord, Gmaj7, Stasis and Kinesis. Kinesis see's the band for the first time including a drummer, Pat Samspon, the ex- US Maple and Miracle Condition member. Chord have previous released records on Neruot Recordings and Important Records and we are extremely pleased to be releasing Chord's glorious chordal drone LP 'Gmaj7'

Cat. number: MIE 011
Year: 2012

ltd 300 copies

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