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Charles Cohen

Group Motion

Label: Morphine Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Repressed. Morphine Records continues to unearth recordings from Philadelphia's synth pioneer, Charles Cohen. Two beautiful drone/ambient/jazz pieces on this one (recorded live in 1989), exposing the sonic genius and dexterity of Cohen alongside the astounding possibilities of that highly-desirable synthesizer of his. Group Motion is a dance theater in Philadelphia founded by Manfred Fischbeck with whom Cohen collaborated and performed. The "Group Motion Performance" is a live recording with the dance company made on the Buchla Music Easel and the Buchla 700 series; the latter, one of the rarest synthesizers on earth. "Generator" was performed and recorded at the Generator Sound Art Gallery, NYC, with the same instrument set-up. Apparently, these are the only known recordings using the Buchla 700 synthesizer to be formally released, making the Group Motion album the only living proof of this incredible-sounding machine. Issued in three parts, this vinyl series will culminate in a full CD release.

Cat. number: DOSER 020LP
Year: 2015