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Michael HURLEY

Ida Con Snock



Genre: Folk

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An album of new Hurley songs and older, classic compositions from the great American folk outsider, all arranged and performed beautifully at Levon Helm's Woodstock studio. Ida Con Snock has to rank as one of Michael Hurley's most slick sounding enterprises, but it's also a completely natural and untampered with vision of his songs, and there's a tremendous purity of intent resounding throughout pieces like the wonderful and poignant 'Wildegeeses' and the Appalachian fiddle-adorned 'Hog Of The Foresaken'. Sounding every bit as inspired as those classic early-seventies albums of his, Ida Con Snock proves that this most alternative of folk songwriters can still present a vital, and often very moving document of his work after so many years on the fringes.

Cat. number: GONG013LP
Year: 2009

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