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The Soul Jazzmen

Inhlupeko (Distress)

Label: Matsuli Music

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

Out of stock

Another unmissable, scorching Matsuli revive! Tete Mbambisa and co, chasing the mbaqanga in Trane. Five originals and Love For Sale, from Johannesburg, 1969. 'Both urban Africans and urban Americans were consciously crafting 'modern' music -- and in South Africa's case, it was a modernism deliberately and defiantly set in opposition to the narrow, backwards-looking parochialism of apartheid, where some white universities did not even permit gender-mixed dancing until the 1970s. The sophisticated, snappily-dressed black players of South Africa's cities in the 1960s were not trying to 'be like' America; rather, they were enacting in their performance, and reaching through their horns for what a new South Africa might sound like.' 180g vinyl with excellent sound; photographs from the Ian Bruce Huntley archive and concert bills; extended notes. Pure worries -- 'inhlupeko' means 'distress' -- very warmly recommended.

Cat. number: MM 107LP
Year: 2015