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Bachi Da Pietra

Insect Tracks

Label: Wallace Records


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MINDBLOWING new arrival!!!!!! These insect tracks are the result of audio takes by Francesco Donadello and video takes by Luigi Conte and Rizoma Film, recorded on July 19 th , 2009 at the Teatro Dimora l'Arboreto in Mondaino. Tracks were recorded on analog tape, read by a Studer A80 tape machine and directly transferred on record by Roberto Barbolini in Bologna, in January 2010, using a Neumann VMS70 lathe and a SX74 cutting head.
The recording and disc-cutting process has involved the use of the most sophisticated monophonic technologies from the Fifties along the whole manufacturing chain, from tape recording to vinyl cutting by means of a mechanical lathe. Bachi Da Pietra underwent this experiment, conceived and proposed by Francesco Donadello, covering a day and a night ' s span, when the operation scene was finally opened to the public.
Bachi Da Pietra (literally, Stoneworms) have vivisected two previously unpublished tracks, as well as some mutant worms : songs which took on a different shape, compared to their originally issued versions, while being performed again and again over time. The outcome is a live record, divided into a day (without public) and a night (with public) section, and a movie, directed by Luigi Conte, witnessing the experiment by tracking its course.
Cat. number: wal 136
Year: 2010

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