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Giuseppe Ielasi

Inventing Masks

Label: Error Broadcast Collective

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Originally released in 2013, Error Broadcast re-issued ‘Stunt (Appendix)’ just recently (ebc028). After a hiatus of three years Inventing Masks is a new moniker the producer uses to publish his self-titled debut LP. ‘Inventing Masks’ comprises six concentric but slightly out-of-balance sound sculptures, equally inspired from generative composition, ambient music, and hip hop. "Inventing Masks can stand alongside some of the greatest loop-based records of the sampledelic era. Put a vocalist on top of this and you could even end up with something in the ballpark of Tricky’s Maxinquaye. It’s not quite funky, but it is most certainly freaky, and as The Beastie Boys identified, the latter is where the real action is." (The Wire)

Cat. number: EBC029
Year: 2016

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LP | €13.00