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Adam Asnan, Giuseppe Ielasi


Label: Holidays Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Quarry is the latest chapter in the ongoing collaboration between the London-based composer-performer of musique concrète Adam Asnan and the Italian sound artist and mastering engineer Giuseppe Ielasi. As the title may suggests, this encounter produced a dusty sculpture whose shape was only drafted immediately after the stone has been excavated from the ground, and where it is hard to distinguish the acousmatic touch of Asnan from the rhythmic textures of Ielasi. "It ventures into microscopically detailed scrapes and crackling textures with an exquisite clarity and grain that sounds like your stylus/ear is being dragged over a pavement and ancient, weather worn shellac. We've no label notes to go from but it does sound as though the artists are sharing duties quite fairly, oscillating back and forth between more the more abstract, acousmatic passages usually associated with Asnan's growing oeuvre of releases for Entr'acte and Senufo Editions, and the kind of rhythmic textures and degraded melodies related to Ielasi's solo work and Bellows duo with Nicola Ratti." Boomkat

Cat. number: HOL-065
Year: 2013

Limited to 200 copies

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