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Giuseppe Ielasi, Enrico MALATESTA


Label: Entr'acte

Format: CD

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Masterpiece! "It’s overwhelming. Electroacoustic/acousmatic/gaussian/binaural/phantom organ/air conditioner pioneers Entr’acte have just simultaneously tossed out so many new releases that it’s difficult to know where to start. The only means to resolve this complex decision is to turn to my Metro horoscope, which tells me that I should consider listening to more Giuseppe Ielasi. It’s such a useful, UK-wide public-transport-based newspaper sometimes.
In this release, Ielasi is taking a well-earned break from battering flimsy sheets of innocent metal and is joined by percussionist Enrico Malatesta. True to the Entr’acte tradition, there aint a chord in the house — this joint is a back-to-roots, purist take on electroacoustic composition. Motors randomly generate scintillating noises as Malatesa finds amazing new ways to play cymbals. Rudimenti is out now on vacuum-packed CD, so follow your destiny and buy it." Tinymixtapes

Giuseppe Ielasi: electric motors, field recordings
Enrico Malatesta: percussion

Rudimenti was recorded in two separate sessions in Milano and Oreno during winter 2011–12 and then edited and recomposed as a single 26-minute track in summer 2012.

Cat. number: E150
Year: 2012
Genre: Electronic

Edition of 300 copies