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Best of 2017
Best of 2017


Israel Suite / Dominante En Bleu (Lp)

Label: Sommor

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Gatefold LP version. Includes download coupon. Sommor Records present a reissue of Rupture's Israel Suite / Dominante En Bleu, originally released in 1973. Rupture was born when famous French songwriter Boris Bergman (France Gall, Dalida, etc.) decided to record a conceptual album about the history of Israel. He approached ace drummer and singer Sylvain Krief (Airto Fogo, Michel Fugain, Aznavour, Clark Terry, Bud Powell, etc.) and soon, other musicians joined: Jean-François Jenny-Clark (Don Cherry, Steve Lacy, etc.) on bass, Georges Locatelli (Total Issue) on guitar, and Jean-Pierre Mas on piano, organ, guitar, and vocals. In resume, Rupture was a kind of super-group featuring some of the best musicians from the Euro jazz/progressive/fusion scene. It also included collaborations by Michel Fugain and Nicole Croisille. The album was recorded over a period of three months and the result was released as a very limited private pressing with help from the Futura label. Arranged by Sylvain Krief and Jean-Pierre Mas, Israel Suite included a side-long suite on side A and shorter songs on Side B. An incredible mix of vocal/spiritual jazz, funk, progressive, jazz-pop, psych -- An impossible to find rarity from France. RIYL: Cortex, Les Masques, George Arvanitas, Herbie Hancock, Full Moon Ensemble. Original artwork.

Cat. number: SOMM 035LP
Year: 2017

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