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personal best

Issue 5
€ 12.00
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personal best - Issue 5

personal best

Issue 5

€ 12.00


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Fifth volume of this luxurious fanzine edited by Lasse Marhaug. Excellent overall work as usual,  the right dose of anecdotes and information. Published February 2015. Format: 210 x 285 mm. 100 pages. Colour.
Fanzine for noise, music and the cosmic soup.  After a year of silence Personal Best returns with its fifth issue. The approach is again conversation-based in-depth personal interviews with artists from the wide field of experimental sound and visual arts.
Issue 5 features: Anla Courtis (Argentina), Rudolf (Switzerland), Makino Takashi (Japan), Dennis Tyfus (Belgium), Jenny Hval (Norway), Gfrenzy (New Zealand), Fecalove (Italy).
Topics covered includes: how to fall off the Chinese wall and survive, the cosmic soup, 500% inflation, the uncomfort of touring, Japanese tables with integrated heating, meditation, proud roosters, durational performances, fish actions, martial arts, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, working in the sewers, GG Allin, New Zealand rugby, dreams as cinema, that guy from C.C.C.C., Koji Wakamatsu, comatose Mexican drunks, Dracula, cunt vs pussy, witches, feminism, close ups, personal apocalypse, radical pop, studying our subversive past, becoming a book cover, menstrual cups, catholic masturbation


Russian homophobia, British noise scene drama, Luciano Berio, crying on the train, drawing bears for two years straight, touring with Wolf Eyes, free tattoo for 50 people, Diether Roth, improvised music, flipping burgers for Celine Deion, drawing as mediation, making prank calls to the Antwerp police and much more

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