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Toshiro Mimaki

Januari 22 2000

Label: Sloowax

Format: LP + 7"

Genre: Experimental

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Sold out at source, few copies availeble. Duo recordings by the late Toshiro Mimaki (percussion) and Kiyohiro Takada (bass and electronics). Both were part of the legendary Les Rallizes Dénudés and the abstract electronics, hypnotic percussion and two-note bass riffs remind one of their earlier band, though the overall atmosphere is far more abstract and echoes weird dark vibes in the depths of space. The lp comes with a bonus 7” documenting the only known recordings by Oz Band, the duo’s band prior to Les Rallizes Denudés. Two jams recorded in 1974 with a fantastic basement guitar psych feel that recall Baby Grandmothers et al. Silkscreened covers. 300 copies.
"Massively unlikely re-uniting of the late percussionist Toshiro Mimaki and Kiyohiro Takada (bass and electronics), both original members of Japanese underground psych legends Les Rallizes Denudes in an edition of 300 copies: the gravy here is the inclusion of a bonus 7” that features two tracks from the duo’s pre-Rallizes group, Oz Band, recorded in 1974 in classic basement psych fidelity, with the group jamming on guitar, bass and drums in a way that would somehow reconcile native idiot avant techniques with the kind of wailing/blissfully extended post-ballroom jams of Baby Grandmothers, International Harvester et al. What an unearthing! The LP itself presents more recent duo recordings with a totally zonked atmosphere, bass, percussion and electronics giving it the feel of a particularly blazed Kraut jam, w/aspects of Nurse With Wound circa Soresucker, NNCK/Atman and Charlie Nothing with sudden blurs of hazy F/X over classic naked-in-the-woods style hand percussion that somehow reconciles visionary dope bliss ala Siloah with massively deconstructed Guru Guru style punk rhythmics. A major side from Sloowax and a necessary addition to any serious Japanese underground shelf. Highly recommended! (Volcanic Tongue)

Cat. number: 003
Year: 2014

300 copies

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