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Jeff Burch

Jeff Burch

Label: Important Records

Format: CD

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Jeff Burch's first solo full-length album is comprised of two expansive instrumental compositions anchored by beautiful old acoustic guitars and a modular synthesizer. He hoists his sounds up through the remnants of the 60's downtown drone spirit, through the fetid fruits of post-war central Europe and the scattered output of present-day suburban outsiders. The arrangements shift gracefully from floods of lush string texture to driving guitar and drum motif, from ebbs of brass and deep electric sine wave to thick hazes of clanging din and steely whine. Cover photographs by iconic New York artist Roni Horn. Composed, recorded and mixed between 2010 and 2012. Recorded with Casey Rice/Designer (Tortoise, Dirty Three) at Classicx, Melbourne, and Jamie Kennedy (of Surf City) at Henry Street Studios, New York City. Featuring guest percussion by Stephen James (Songs, Rand And Holland), electric guitar by Tres Warren (Psychic Ills, Compound Eye, Messages), and tenor saxophone by Marcus Whale. Mastered by Patrick Klem (Sonic Youth, Six Organs Of Admittance, The Dead C) at Klemflastic Sound, Phoenix. Originally from the crystalline shores of northern New Zealand, Jeff now resides in New York City's torrid Lower East Side. Head of imprint The Spring Press, he has also founded numerous groups in both New Zealand and Australia.

Cat. number: IMPREC402
Year: 2014
Genre: Electronic