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Stellar Om Source

Joy One Mile

Label: Rvng Intl.

Format: LPx2

In stock


Eagerly anticipated full-length on RVNG Intl. from Christelle Gualdi's Stellar Om Source, marking a significant departure from the no-age synthcraft she's long been known for and has showcased on numerous self-released CDRs and sides for the likes of Olde English Spelling Bee and Big Love. Joy One Mile began life when Gualdi acquired a mint Roland TB-303 and began experimenting with it; over the course of a year's gigging, she perfected seven compositions which she then laid down live, without overdubs. To get a fresh perspective on the material she handed it to Gunnar Wendel aka Kassem Mosse, and the German producer is responsible for the final edit and mixdown on this record, restraining and ultimately enhancing Gualdi's guileless explorations of techno, electro, house and machine-funk. Pay special attention to 'Par Amour', equal parts jacking and longing, and the killer 'The Range', which could almost be an offcut from the heyday of S.O.S's fellow Hague-dwellers Unit Moebius.

Cat. number: RVNGNL020LP
Year: 2015
Genre: Electronic