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Alexandre SAINT-ONGE

Kasi naigo

Label: Squint Fucker Press

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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.....kasi naigo is a sound study of  Ingmar Bergman’s Tystnaden (The Silence) and the silence of the Other...the object itself is a compression of an impossible space through the trituration of a gesture-the infinite as a question... A singular blast of air interchanged with a hollow, crackly static drone are almost constant through this, disc, and they serve to create an eerie, lonely, wide-open silence... This disc is expansive, tense, terrifying and subtle (Boss Sambosa, The Montreal Mirror).
Cat. number: squint 00c
Year: 2001
CD in jewel case, front and back plastic covers marked with repetitive obsessional hand gestures using sharp object done in sync with film's chronological clock.

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