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Kobra Quartet - excerpt 1
Kobra Quartet - excerpt 2
Kobra Quartet - excerpt 3

Aurora Nealand, Steve Marquette, Anton Hatwich, Paul Thibodeaux

Kobra Quartet

Label: Astral Spirits

Format: Tape

Genre: Jazz

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**175 copies** "Quietly lurking as it prepares to attack, this Kobra is the free improvising quaret of Aurora Nealand on accordion, alto saxophone, voice and objects, Steve Marquette on acoustic and electric guitars, Anton Hatwich on bass, and Paul Thibodeaux on drums, captured live at Chicago's Hungry Brain during the Instigation Festival for a mysterious 2-part New Omens and some Telly Attire." - SquidCo

Cat. number: AS116
Year: 2019

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