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KPM Jazz Conventions - excerpt 1
KPM Jazz Conventions - excerpt 2
KPM Jazz Conventions - excerpt 3
File under: Jazz

The Clarke-Boland Big Band

KPM Jazz Conventions (LP)

Label: Trunk

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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**500 copies, 2019 stock** "Of all the KPM LPs issued, the most illusive are three Jazz Convention LPs by the Poll winning Clarke-Boland Big Band. They form part of a series of four unusual “International” LPs with the unique "INT" catalogue prefix (starting with John Mayer's Indo-Jazz Interpolations) but all have the standard KPM cube or 1000 series style sleeves.
I have no history as to why or how three Clarke-Boland LPs were put together for a music library, but I assume someone at KPM decided to go on a bit of a sub-licensing spree in the hip modern jazz world, a spree that ended in very few syncs and possibly not a great deal of interest from the TV library using massive.
The music issued across the three Clarke-Boland LPs varies in style and length (from 30 seconds to 8 minutes plus), some cues come across a little like unreleased session cues or specially requested “stings”. Others appear to be finer re-workings or extended takes of legendary and important Clarke-Boland numbers (Umm Mannie Umm here / Om Mani Padme Hom elsewhere).
I believe much of the music was recorded in 1967 in Prague, and cues from Jazz Convention I appear on a later Clarke-Boland LP issued in 1975, and cues written by the great Gary McFarland appear on Latin Kaleidoscope in shorter forms. But importantly, much from the three releases are unique to KPM.
Album comes in a white sleeve with cutout with track info affixed to front of sleeve. Inner sleeve has identical design on a slimmer sleeve."

File under: Jazz
Cat. number: JBH 069LP
Year: 2018

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