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Dawn - Billy Sees Kes In The Tower

John Cameron

Kes (LP )

Label: Trunk

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

In stock


Out of print since 2001, a classic Trunk release gets a rare repress, the original soundtrack of Kes. This is pastoral British jazz film music at its very best. Includes sleeve notes by Jarvis Cocker. Kes by Ken Loach is one of the greatest British films of all time. It also has one of the finest soundtracks of the period. Put together by the incredibly talented John Cameron (the arranger for Donovan and great film score composer in his own right) this score sums up beautifully the freedom, innocence, and tragedy put across in the film. With a crack British jazz line-up, including flute legend Harold McNair, Ronnie Ross (bass clarinet), Tony Carr (drums), Danny Moss (clarinet), and David Snell (harp), this score not only appeals to the soundtrack collectors but also followers of the classic British jazz sound. Source material was the original John Cameron master, which had been slightly damaged at the front end, so there is a slight change in volume at the beginning of the LP. Nobody moaned back in 2001. Things might be different now. The score is only 19 minutes long and therefore fits perfectly onto a one-sided LP. Full color sleeve; Produced by Jonny Trunk.

"The sound of long-lost childhood... The smell of a damp school cloakroom, from an age when comics were still printed on newsprint... But this is more than just a product of the nostalgia industry -- put on this album and immediately you'll be soaring through the air, free of your earth shackles; for this is the sound of a human soul in flight. A beautiful daydream antidote to an all too real South Yorkshire nightmare. This is the real thing. This is beauty so fragile it hurts." --Jarvis Cocker

Cat. number: JBH 077LP
Year: 2020

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