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KSUN Encounter - excerpt 1
KSUN Encounter - excerpt 2
KSUN Encounter - excerpt 3


KSUN Encounter (12")

Label: Stroom

Format: 12"

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**300 copies** As far as we can knowl, TRjj stems from TRIIMusik, “a loose group based in Germany since 1998”. It is practiced collectively with interchanging names and roles, so the full control about disguised authorship would be guaranteed. Everyone involved was set to meet half way. TRjj is a filter for the kinship of many. It's the freedom attained, once you have gotten rid of yourself. This heteronomic practice would be ideal to advocate against reasons which are claimed, biographies that are scripted, economies that are fueled and histories that are written to be recognized as something apparently truly valid and fully finished. This ia an accompanying 12″ to the Music Compilation: 12 Dances LP release, and a collaboration with Meakusma for the 2019 Meakusma Festival.

Cat. number: STRM12-029
Year: 2019

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