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Funny Bells - Excerpt
Sloopy - Excerpt

Betty Arden, Saskia

Funny Bells / Sloopy (7"x2)

Label: Stroom

Format: 7"x2

Genre: Experimental

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* Limited 7" for Christmas 2020 * Stroom presents Funny Bells by Betty Arden and Sloopy by Saskia. Two 7" released together on December 2020 for Xmas celebration.

"Goodmorning. I wish you, a merry merry christmas. As you sit by the fire. I see your sadness on your face. You hear the funny bells inside your head. And I do look into your pretty eyes. So gray. The Funny Bells. You are my friend. Today." - AU

Cat. number: STR7-046
Year: 2020