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Michel Chion

La messe de terre


Format: DVD

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A two-part audio-logo-visual Liturgy. Created on August 28th 1996 at the Video Art festival in Locarno. This DVD edition is dedicated to Jean-Patrick Lebel'Figurative but non narrative fresco, La Messe de Terre superposes, without mixing them up, the everyday world, the 'here below', a world where the earth is crossed or riddled by water, and the latin text of the catholic mass. This text, chanted or shouted, is made comprehensible by French subtitles and optional English subtitles. The whole unfolds a ritual, in which any religious iconography is excluded. If symbol-objects appear, then they are abstract (a drawn cube), or trivial (hanging objects on a clothesline). Two excerpts from Goethe and Schubert, in the second part, open a cosmic and pantheistic parenthesis, which will be closed later on. The common hero of this mass is the non-heroic humanity, viewed in procession, walking down the street, having a drink at a café, or in the joy of a celebration, whose song and plaint we hear. To better enter this long journey, started in chaos and interruptions, then gradually making ways for long flows, it is suggested to watch the bonus feature, which explains the whole form of the work.'

Cat. number: M 614001
Year: 2014