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Jacqueline CAUX

Les Couleurs Du Prisme, La Mecanique Du Temps


Format: 2xDVD

Genre: Sound Art

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The Colours of the Prism, the Mechanics of Time. A film by Jacqueline Caux. From John Cage to Techno, through minimalism and post-modernism. This film was inspired by the itinerary of a Ôgap-bridger': Daniel Caux, a musicologist, essayist and radio producer, who made endless discoveries in the fields of experimental, minimalist, repetitive, postmodern and techno music. His contribution is all the more important in that these past four decades have been particularly rich in terms of creations, inventions and experimentation. His recent passing has reversed the roles, since many of the very musicians that he ardently supported wished to be present in this film, featuring: John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Gavin Bryars and Richie Hawtin. This film embraces a significant part of 20th century musical creation Ð as seen from this 'Daniel Caux belvedere' Ð and bears witness to the music that these major figures are inextricably associated with, as well as their on-going creativity. Bonus 40 min. Format NTSC. Type 2 DVD Multizone. Language French or English.
Cat. number: prisme
Year: 2012