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ANAIS PROSAIC, Eliane Radigue

Eliane Radigue - L'ecoute virtuose


Format: DVD

Genre: Sound Art

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Eliane Radigue - Virtuoso listening. A film directed by Anaïs Prosaïc. A portrait of Eliane Radigue, the 'Grande Dame' of long duration music. Between 1967 and 2000, Eliane Radigue composed more than twenty pieces of electronic music. She stopped working with the analogic synthesizer in 2001, and now devotes herself to instrumental music, still remaining faithful to the same aesthetics. For a composer who mostly worked alone, to collaborate closely with musicians during the compositional process, is an epiphany... In June 2011 in London, The Spitalfields Summer Music Festival paid tribute to her entire body of work : the 'Grande Dame' of long duration music was enthusiastically welcomed by a new generation of young admirers who could be her grand children... Duration 65 min. Format NTSC. Type Multi Zone DVD. Language French or English.

Cat. number: radigue
Year: 2012