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Magyar Elektronikus Zene: Hungarian Electronic Music

Label: Creel Pone

Format: CDR

Genre: Electronic

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Budapest goes sci-fi. Super obscure composers, but plenty of sine wave hooey for your Balkans buck. Tracklisting: Zoltan Pongracs-Mariphonia, Zoltan Pongracs-The Story of a Chord in C Sharp Major, Peter Eotvos-The Tale, Ivan Patachich-Ta Fonaenta, Ivan Patachich-Funzione Acustica, Mare Victor & Peter Winkler-Viscositas.


It’s Friday, and here’s another Creel Pone - I’m sensing a pattern here - this time a thoroughly fantastic comp running down the cream of the early-mid 70s Budapest crop. One of my all-time favorite pieces of Electronic Music is on here; Zoltan Pongracz’s “Egy Cisz-Dúr Akkord Története” - or, “The Story of a Chord in C Sharp Major” - which sounds like a Hammond Organ melting over a rainbow arc.

Other than the last piece - mired by a somewhat crippling sound-set consisting of what are now known as “Sci-Fi noises” - everything here is of the highest caliber; especially attractive as most of the composers are entirely unknown outside of Hungary other than Pongracz - who split a Deutsche Grammophon “Avant-Garde” series LP with Gottfried-Michael König - and possibly Eötvös; but you’d have to be very knowledgeable.

Totally great found-junkbox cover collage repro’ed here beautifully, as are the liner notes - in four languages - on the gatefold of the booklet inside. The first of, hopefully, many Geographically-specific titles in this fledgeling, mysterious series."

Cat. number: 03
Year: 2005

Mariphonia composed 1972 & recorded at Experimental Studio of Czechoslovakian Radio in Brastilava (Slovakia). Egy Cisz-Dur Akkord Története (the story of a chord in C-Sharp minor) composed 1975 & recorded at the Studios of musical experimental group in Bourges (France). Mese (the tale) abridged version composed 1968 & recorded at Electronic Studio of the West German Radio (WDR) in Köln (Germany). Magánhangzók composed 1976 & recorded at Electronic Studio of the Hungarian Radio with the technical assistance of Péter Winckler. Hangzó Függvények composed 1975 & recorded at Experimental Studio of Czechoslovakian Radio in Brastilava (Slovakia). Viscositas composed 1975 & recorded at Experimental Studio of Hungarian Radio in Budapest (Hungary). Graphic design: István Rész Originally issued as an LP in 1979 by Hungaroton (SLPX 11851). Limited fac-similé edition of 50.

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