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Jack Tamul

Electro/Acoustic, The Referee Has Vanished, Zaat (2Cd)

Label: Creel Pone

Format: 2 x CD

Genre: Electronic

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Lovely set of tape-music by composer Jack Tamul, issued in 1980 by Spectrum - not the Wergo sub-label, but the same Bear Mountain-area powerhouse that released William Hoskins’ “Galactic Fantasy” & William Strickland’s “An Electronic Visit to the Zoo” the year prior - “recorded at the Jacksonville Museum of Arts & Sciences."

Starting with a series of pieces incorporating acoustic materials: “Genesis” is a choir piece peppered with synthesizer & tape-manipulation; “Lament for Gettysburg” is purely choral; “Canon Cancrizans” is a pure tape-work utilizing accordion sounds, the pieces progress towards the fully-electronic, with a trilogy of fine synth-based constructs - the sleeve lists the gear used in exacting detail: Prophet 5, Arp 2600, Moog satellite ... and a bevy of “modifiers and miscellany” - offering a range of motifs from “Fantasia” ‘s eerily prescient synth-drones - seriously, if someone played me this claiming it to be a new Spectrum Spools release, I’d believe it wholesale - to “Mogul” ‘s rather Dockstader-esque constructs, to “Wave Rhapsody” ‘s woozy slow oscillations.

This 2017 edition adds far more to the picture; included at the end of the first disc is the entirety of Jack's private-issue 80s tape "The Referee Has Vanished", featuring further choral pieces, synthesizer drones & tape-work. Plus, the Creel Pone PTB have tracked down a print of the ultra-obscure Floridian mid-70s genre (rubber-suit monster) flic "Zaat", to which Jack contributed a series of Modular Synth burbles predating most of the material on either the LP or the tape; included here on a second disc is a sampling of his superlative sound-design directions & eerie sub-aquatic burble.

Cat. number: CP 162
Year: 2018