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File under: ORTF / INA-GRM

Andre Jaume, Michel Redolfi


Label: Creel Pone

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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C.P. reproduction of this obscure early 80s affair between the GRM-aligned French Composer Michel Redolfi and venerable Free Sax proponent André Jaume. Featuring easily the worst cover imaginable (hence its appearance in the maligned 199.x serié) this two-part suite is actually a hidden gem of rogue Acoustic-Electronic interplay & tight, blocky Concrète moves, heavily featuring Redolfi's Synclavier interjections. 

The A-Side's Jaume-led suite features a quartet w/ Jean-Marc Montera on guitar, Jacques Diennet on keys, and the Composer on live Synclavier interruptions across three discrete pieces; the three-part "Cupabia", "Opalescence" & "Ballade Pour Hector". Redolfi does wonders for realigning the instrument as a performance solution; his deft live-sampling & re-purposings of the group's squawk & chatter lends to a set of music that shies away from all of the Max Headroom-esque associations.

The B-Side features two of Redolfi's studio pieces utilizing Jaume's reeds & materials read & sung by Lanie Goodman & Frank Royon Le Mée; "Naissance Et Agonie De Ma Lampe De Chevet" ; it's as beguiling and bewitching as his GRM works and/or anything in the "Sonic Waters" series. 

File under: ORTF / INA-GRM
Cat. number: CP 199.5
Year: 2018

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