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Ilhan Mimaroglu

To Kill a Sunrise and La Ruche

Label: Folkways Records

Format: Custom CD

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**2020 stock** Turkish-born musician and composer Ilhan Mimaroglu worked extensively with electronic (tape) music. The two programmatic pieces paired here are "To Kill a Sunrise," a dirge subtitled "Requiem for Those Shot in the Back" with words borrowed from a poem by Guatemalan guerilla poet Marco Antonio Flores, composed in Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (New-York, N.Y., 1974). And "La Ruche" composed at Groupe de Recherches Musicales (Paris, France, 1968) an experiment of reminiscences titled after the famous building in Paris that housed Picasso, Apollinaire and others.

This CD is a custom made copy from Smithsonian Folkways collection. Every effort has been made to preserve its historical and aural integrity. The original liner notes are include as a PDF file on the disc or are available here


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